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Amazing new Psycho Killer trailer you should check out. Director and editor Randy Fabert recently put it together, and the film is being offered up for distribution at the moment. It's a long and grueling process, and this labor of love needs veiws! If anyone is confused as to why I talk about this indie horror flick on my writing blog...well it's not at all becuase I'm in it.

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You know, I cannot resist posting a showtune or two. This is the opening song from one of my favorite rock musicals, Spring Awakening. It's based on the 1892 German play by Frank Wedekind and features music written by Duncan Sheik. "Barely Breathing" circa mid-90's anyone?


Have you heard of:
Psycho Killer?

You may not have caught wind of this fantastic B-movie horror film just yet, but I think you might. And soon. Now, I won't let my bias as the director's live-in girlfriend affect my outlook. Randy Fabert is truly able to create something out of little more than wicked imagination, the humblest of budgets, and dedicated talent. Not just splatter and gore, no sir. There is a depth and art to it, and I'm a big fan. Here's the trailer, where you might catch a glimpse of me if you look carefully. (Again, totally unbiased opinion).

Showing in film festivals this fall.

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(hanging front and center in the living room above the TV)

I've been nurturing my Woody Allen obsession since I was about 19 years old. I worked in a video store in and after high school, and that's when I started watching his movies. This is probably my all-time favorite, though Annie Hall is a fierce competitor for this slot.


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