I'm author and editor Holly M. Kothe. Thanks for stopping by my writing and review blog.
Literature is as addictive to me as a hot hazelnut latte, so grab a mug and have a look around.

Editing Services

I am a writer, but I'm also a full-time freelance editor. Visit my website for information regarding services, qualifications, and rates. 

I got my start as an editor at Writer’s Beat Quarterly–a small publication dedicated to the writing critique community at writersbeat.com. I also edited for new and seasoned authors at J. Ellington Ashton Press before finally settling into my position as senior editor for The Oddville Press, a literary journal of fiction, poetry, and art.
I studied English with a concentration in writing at Northern Kentucky University on a presidential academic scholarship. I transferred to Southern New Hampshire University where I completed my BA in English and writing. 
I will hold your writing to standards as high as my own writing. I truly enjoy editing, and am determined to give all of my clients the best standard of editing in the industry.


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