I'm author and editor Holly M. Kothe. Thanks for stopping by my writing and review blog.
Literature is as addictive to me as a hot hazelnut latte, so grab a mug and have a look around.

About Holly M. Kothe

I'm a writer by night and a full-time freelance editor by day. My stories are generally dark, gritty, and a little disturbing (or maybe a lot, depending on who you are). My aim is not simply to shock, but to explore the darkest and most deranged of human emotions. I write literary fiction and explore many themes, including relationships, humor, sex, psychology, and horror. 

I own my own editing and writing business at espressoeditor.com. The business keeps me busy, making it hard to find time for my own writing, but my experience in editing has only served to make me a better writer. 

Besides writing, I'm a mother, a runner, and a singer. Writing and music go hand in hand. I sing and play guitar, and sometimes post my vocal stylings on the blog. 

Inspiring authors include: Ernest Hemingway, Ellen Hopkins, F. Scott Fitzgerald, Nick Hornby, V.C. Andrews, Bret Easton Ellis, Chris Lynch, Chuck Palahniuk, R.A. Nelson, Edgar Allan Poe, and Woody Allen. 

Fun fact: most people don't know how to pronounce my last name, and they often come to me for advice on the topic. Kothe rhymes with...well, I'm pretty sure it's like "orange" and rhymes with nothing else in the English language. It's a long O as in Oh! And a hard -th as in Thanks! And a long E as in Weee! That should help put the mystery to rest. 

I love to connect with readers. Contact me at hollymkothe@gmail.com or visit my other pages:


  1. ("...looks a nice place, and you read well too, I wish you every success now..." mentioned the goblin in passing, adding "...funny how the gap between the author and his works has gone with this virtual reality now, simply they're one and the same like two sides of the same coin, where the coin my dear friend is called persona between us...)

  2. Pretty impressive that you manage to work, take care of a little one, and sneak in some writing on the side. You must have a lot of energy.

  3. Yes Dan! A lot of energy sometimes...I seem to go through lazy / manically busy cycles. Mostly it's prioritizing. If I want to write, I have to take something in my day out--household chores, running, sleeping, bathing...ect. You get the idea. It is a passion I have to make room for. Worth it to finish a story that I'm happy with.

  4. Hi Holly, I enjoyed reading on your blog. It even made me create one of my own. I vowed never to start blogging, since I simply do not have the time for it now.
    You write wonderfully nice and compelling too. Keep it up and always make room for writing!

  5. Thanks for your comment, Lucky. I'm happy to hear that this little website can inspire others to go for creating their own! It's hard to find time to get anything done, it seems. I get so overwhelmed all I have time to do is worry about not having the time. It's a fine line to balance...good luck to you and your blog!

    And wyf, always glad to see you stop by! I am looking forward to reading your novel, Flick of the Wrist.

  6. Hi Holly,

    It's a pleasure to make your acquaintance! I'm looking forward to digging in and exploring your blog!

    ~ Nina :)

  7. Looks like you have a harder time writing than I do, friend! =) Wish you the best of luck with it! Have a great day filled with lots of smiles! =)=)=)

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