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Friday, March 14, 2014

Presenting The Oddville Press--Revamped!

The Oddville Press
Promoting today's geniuses and tomorrow's giants.

When it comes to free online journals and voluntary editorial efforts, you can never be sure what you are going to get when you gamble a download. Not so with The Oddville Press. I am not only happy to be a part of a project where I receive no monetary compensation, I am honored to be allowed to do it. Would I humbly accept such compensation for my efforts? Sure. But we aren't all about the almighty dollar. We're about getting unique, outstanding written and visual art onto the screens of those who appreciate fine fiction, poetry, and artwork, at absolutely no cost.  

As I finish up the last few months of my bachelor's degree in English, I've been fortunate enough to brush up on my grammar and technical skills with a few challenging courses at SNHU. I was excited to find that The Oddville Press was looking for some fresh editors, and it was a monumental step for me when I was offered an editing position. But I had no clue it would turn out to be the magazine it is today. My expectations weren't that high (I always try to keep them low to avoid disappointment), and they've since been far surpassed. The slush pile (that is, the overflowing inbox of submissions we receive every day from poets, writers, and artists) is almost too full to keep up with. There is some fierce competition here from some truly gifted artists. 

Our accepted submissions are whip-smart, high-literary, humorous, oddball, and entertaining. We are very, VERY selective in what makes the issue, and we have something for everyone in our return issue: Volume II, Issue 1. Come take a peak if you love reading and art. And if you are a writer or artist, please visit our Submissions Guidelines and do send us your best, as we are OPEN for submissions now--but do download the latest issue to get a feel for what we're looking for first. Grab a cup of your favorite coffee, or tea, or whiskey, what have you. Enjoy 40,000 words of the best of the best in literature today!  

cover photo: Mike Coombes




The Oddville Press is back. 40 pages of delectable fiction from some of the finest writers on the planet, old and new. and... it’s free.
Go to our downloads page to grab your copy of Volume 2, Issue 1. Volume 1 Issues 1- 6 still available--FREE! And I'll let you in on a little secret: the previous six issues have received a collected 40,000 downloads, and we are working to keep that momentum going. That's a fine amount of exposure and infamy for all you potential contributers, and a fine motivation for all you lovers of art to see what the fuss is about. Read on for an excerpt from this issue, and to meet the editors.

From "40 Acres and a Mouse" by Joe Capello:

Henry was walking down the hall back toward the

Technical Manual Department. When he reached the entrance

he noticed the door was ajar. He pushed it open

slowly and he could see Karen and Roy. Karen was standing

against the left wall, with Roy facing her. Her left

leg was hooked on Roy’s right shoulder. They were fully

dressed and Henry wondered if he should turn around

and leave.

"Oh, Henry. Hello," Karen said noticing him. She

waved and smiled as though one foot on the ground and

the other draped over a man’s shoulder was about as natural

a pose as one could assume.

"How can we help you?" Roy also smiled and placed

his right hand on Karen’s left ankle as though it were his

jacket lapel.

"Well," Henry said, "I was wondering if you had any

word on the policy for contacting The Employers."

"Oh, right," Roy said. "We’re in the process of penetrating

that issue now." Roy looked at Karen as they both

shrugged and gave each other a wrinkled smile. "We’ll

get back to you as soon as we hear something."

"Oh. Then, okay." Henry turned to go. As he was closing

the door, he saw Roy grab Karen’s buttocks as she

hooked her right leg over his other shoulder.

Henry returned to his desk in time to see The Boss. 

Click the link for more from this issue of Oddville:



Meet the Editors! 

Managing Editor:

Lorraine Sears is a published author who worships the written word for its ability to transport a reader to another place and time, without all the hassle of a passport or time machine. As Managing Editor, Lorraine wants to push authors, poets and artists into delivering the work of their life, taking The Oddville Press readership on a journey they’ll never forget! On a mission to take over the world, one page at a time, you can read more about what Lorraine gets up to here, on her blog: www.red-lorry.blogspot.co.uk

Senior Fiction Editor:

Logan Keys is a fiction writer who grew up in Southern California and is currently hiding in the swamps of Louisiana. Her own published stories and poems The killin folk, Blue Shades Sweetheart, Vile, Here-after, and Their Prom are mostly horror genre. She enjoys stories that shine a light into the parts of human nature lesser seen; emotive prose full of tension and duplicity.

Editorial Staff:

Elzevera Koenderink is a student passionate about reading, writing, music and everything related. Her own stories tend to be either extremely short or involve at least one talking animal. Fables are her soft spot when it comes to poetry.

Holly Kothe (c'est moi!) studied English and creative writing at Northern Kentucky University, and Southern New Hampshire University. Her favorite fiction is good fiction, especially that of the clever and twisted variety. Her work has been published in The Writer's Digest Short Shorts Anthology, Trembles Magazine, Blood Lotus and Dark Gothic Resurrected.

Ilasir Maroa – contributing editor

J. Matthew McKern - Matthew is an author and artist from the wine country of Washington State. He has published two novels, I Didn’t Go Looking for Trouble and Raven's Secret. 
J. Matthew McKern
Art House Media
Charles Whaley writes fiction and non-fiction alike with the goal of ascending to the heights of names like Lewis Carroll or Aldous Huxley. Charles believes that stories should be written every day both on and off the page; relishing the human experience of life by hiking, hitchhiking, camping and volunteering at festivals as often as possible.  

Non Serviam. Layout is no joke.





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