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Monday, February 3, 2014

Meet The Real Me

Hello to my literary coffee addicts! (As well as my internet friends who despise The Brew for whatever odd reason...you are always welcome, too). It has been a full month since I've posted, and in the crazy busy-ness that is working a full-time job and putting out a short-story collection and trying to finish college and being a single mother and taking an editing position at The Oddville Press...*gasps for air*...I wanted to take to examine the concept of author blogging.

I have six more courses to finish up at Southern New Hampshire University before I swipe up a degree, and I'm currently taking a course on creating an author platform. It has provided a lot of inspiration for blog ideas.

So let's experiment, shall we?

Some authors use their blogs to get down-and-dirty personal with readers. Recently I read some author case studies, and I came across Bill Coffey, a writer of inspirational fiction. His work couldn't be farther from my own fiction, but one thing I can relate to is his struggle to find publication when he was an unknown.

This was back in the early 2000's, when things such as blogs were still in their wobbly-toddler stage. A publisher took a look at Bill's work, liked his work, then rejected him on the basis that no one knew who he was. The sneaky publisher's golden advice to the now ridiculously successful author? "Start a blog..."

And he did. He did things with his blog that I had never really considered doing. He made it personal. It reads like fiction, but it is all true, written snapshots of what is happening in Bill's life. His memoir-like posts are incredibly engaging and well-written. I don't know the person or read his work, but I am completely absorbed by his personal stories, simply because of how he tells them. And it does make me want to see what his fiction is like. Coffey writes that instead of blogging about the writing process, he wanted readers to "know the person behind the books--to invest in [him] and not just [his] words." I usually avoid personal life stories in my blog because I have the attitude that the internet couldn't give two cupcakes about who I am...but maybe I underestimate people. Maybe, perhaps, it is possible to connect, if one does it the right way.

I've started a glass of wine, so I'm limber enough to open up. A smidge. I'm going to pull a Bill Coffey (I'm totally jealous of that last name, by the way) and let you in on a few tidbits of my life. It may shock you. It may bore you. It may annoy you. It may beguile and intrigue you. Whatever it does, I hope that my revelations--in bullet-point format--spark a bit of dialogue. Leave a comment below. Tell me something about yourself, or give me your thoughts on my more personal bio. I want opinions. I want to know what's IN YOUR SOUL!!! I'm a writer, so I'm always curious.

Here it is. Going for 10!

Personal share #1: I watch reality TV. Not the Jersey Shore kind, but the weird, morbid, Hoarders/My Strange Addiction/Strange Sex kind. Something about observing the oddest behaviors in humanity fascinates and inspires me.

#2: I got married far too young, at age nineteen. I was this incredibly hopeless romantic, and, even though we were prone to arguing, I went through with the wedding. The divorce was four years later. Hopeless romantic, no more!

#3: In the past six months or so, I've gained twenty pounds. (Sugar/carb combo addiction), and am currently trying to counteract it with my Zumba/running addictions.

#4: I do get some of the "vengeful femme fatale" ideas that inspires my fiction from past, real-life romantic encounters-gone-wrong, but I elaborate on them quite a bit. It's the best free therapy there is.

#5: One of my favorite musicals is The Rocky Horror Picture Show, and I've always wanted to do a live performance of "Touch-a Touch-a Touch-a Touch Me" in my slip.

#6: Serge Gainsbourg is one of my most recently discovered favorite singers of the '70's.

#7: My hilarious, wonderful, seven-year-old son has caught strep throat four times in the past two months, so they want to yank his tonsils. And I reallllllly don't want to concede to that.

#8: You've seen photos of me like this:
But, a lot of the time, my photos look like this:
If this doesn't scream Christopher Lloyd from Back to the Future, then I don't know what does. That's just how versatile I am.
#9: I graduated high school with a 4.25 GPA, went to college on a full academic scholarship, and am currently on the President's list at SNHU. STILL WORK IN A CRAPPY JOB WITH LOW PAY. So it is.   
#10: I went pescetarian (partial vegetarian who will eat fish) in January of 2013 because of some horrendous documentaries on the meat industry I saw over the years. (Still gained the 20 pounds).
BONUS # 11! Not a lot of people know this, because there's really no reason to say it in my marketing campaigns unless I want to brag, but the model on my book cover is me! It was the most economical route at the time...

There you have it. It's a start. I feel like I've cornered you in the bar after a couple of drinks...because that's when I start getting all friendly and talk-y...and completely dominated the conversation. Now. Why don't you tell me a little bit about yourself? Or, if you like to keep to yourself...leave a comment below on something I've revealed. Do you, as a reader, want to know about the author? If you're a fan, do you want to know the real writer? Or is it highly unnecessary?  
Oh, and read my book, and such. Available through the digital store link!!!

Sambuchino, Chuck. Create Your Writer Platform. Cincinnati: F&W Media, 2012. Print.


  1. Very interesting. I wonder if you might consider posing for a cover or two of my books. I always have trouble finding story-appropriate pictures. Maybe I should worry about it but I do.

    1. Rush. Me, pose? Ha! You really are too kind. Maybe go with a professional, just to be on the safe side (: Thanks for reading and commenting!

  2. I love the cover Holly, it is beautiful and looks really professional.

  3. Thank you, Isabella. It was such a tedious pain, going through this process, from photo to photoshop. I'm no professional, but I gained a newfound respect for models once I pulled a muscle from crossing my legs and keeping them perfectly still for so many shots. (Many, many, many shots, lol). Thank you for stopping by and leaving a comment!

  4. You, milady, have some nice gams.


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