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Sunday, December 22, 2013

Love Literature, and Support a Children's Charity While You're at it.

Glad to get down to blogging about this. I won't waste your time going on and on about the brilliance of my writing and why you should read my work…because this isn't just my writing. I am Not Frazzle! is a great and reasonably-priced collection of short stories by various authors of lofty literary talent, and every bit of the proceeds go to the Devizes and District Opportunity Centre—a facility aimed toward helping children with disabilities varying from physical, to intellectual, to emotional, by providing a team of highly trained staff working in partnership with parents and specialists to address the needs of the child and offer help that families might not otherwise be able to get.

 This collection of stories is available in both print and ebook form. We've worked hard to give you an addictive and varied collection of shorts that reflect our wide range of styles. But there is one connecting theme--each story portrays children as characters. It's a worthy cause. I'm so happy to have been invited to use the craft I love to do something like this, and I hope you'll consider ordering a copy. I'll be ordering mine, because all of us contributing authors are paying for our own copy just to give the charity a little extra boost. Below I've provided links to where you can order the book, info on the Opportunity Centre, and the website home for I am Not Frazzle—and Other Stories for Grown-ups. Thank you, and enjoy!

I am Not Frazzle!
and other stories for grown-ups
Visit our corner of the web to read more about the Devizes Opportunity Centre and our contributing authors:

We are a small independent local charity which came into being in September 1978 when a group of parents got together because there were no playgroup facilities for their children and they themselves felt isolated, excluded and unsupported.
We now have over 30 years experience of working to promote the development of very young children with difficulties and disabilities and of providing professional advice, guidance, information and practical help for their parents together with emotional support and a listening ear.
As the designated Specialist Early Years Centre for the Eastern District of Wiltshire we are the focus for the delivery of specialist children’s services, providing facilities for visiting Health and Education professionals to carry out assessments, work with children and meet their parents.
We have highly trained experienced staff teams who have a variety of expertise and specialisms.  Working in partnership with parents they offer individual help, targeted early intervention and therapeutic care in order to provide each child with maximum life chances.
We work through a Multi-agency team approach to focus on each child’s personal potential.  Working closely with Consultant Paediatricians, Speech & Language Therapists, Physiotherapists, Occupational Therapists, Educational Psychologists, members of Wiltshire’s Early Intervention Team and our linked Children’s Centres, we provide an effective Team around the Child, offering a comprehensive package of specialist support.
We have strong liaison links with Health Visitors, Social Workers, Portage Workers, Early Years Settings, Primary Schools, Specialist Learning Centres and Special Schools.
We have an open referral system accepting referrals from GP’s, Health Visitors, Social Workers, Consultant Paediatricians, Early Years Workers, Medical Therapists and parents either directly, by phone or through Wiltshire’s Common Assessment Framework/Team Around the Child Meetings.
Membership is free and open to children and their families living in Devizes, Tidworth, Marlborough, Pewsey, Melksham and their surrounding villages.
We welcome children aged between birth and five who have a wide variety of additional needs; these might be of a physical, sensory, intellectual, emotional, and social or environment al nature and range from moderate or severe in degree.
Each Referral is assessed on its own individual merits taking into account both the children and their parents needs and the facilities and resources available to us.

I can't end this post without mentioning the author that put in countless time and effort bringing all these authors on board and putting this project together. Darren Worrow is the kindly, talented, and hilarious writer (and author of the title story, "I am Not Frazzle") who created this charity project. Please visit his website and support his other books. He's worth the read!
I am Not Frazzle is a remarkable piece of literature, and supports an amazing charity. Order a copy today. A big, huge thanks to you all! Happy coffee-drinking!


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