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Wednesday, November 20, 2013

A Peppermint Coffee Post

Hello all of you amazing readers! (All 5 of you, or maybe even a few more!) All right, all right--so I've missed an entire month of blogging. That's okay, because I’ve been working my bum off on a little something called getting-shit-done. I may have been way over my head for the past couple months, but I’m getting through. I’m writing this as a multi-faceted entry--there is just too much going on not to!

I have a set release date for my collection of short stories, Sweet Violent Femmes. Available to order:
Saturday, November 23!

both in print and in the Amazon Kindle store. It is with a very small, independent press called Skylar Phoenix Publishing. Basically, this is an indie endeavor all the way. No, no editor sat in a chair and determined whether this work was genius or complete crap, but I believe in the stories. I think people will enjoy reading them (as long as they fancy a taste of the macabre). It’s so much more than a short piece being accepted by a lit mag … this is the result of months and months of hard work. Edited by the brilliant Kimberly Grenfell, I think it has come together quite nicely. HURRAH!!!
"Within a month, my romantic, Lost Generation fantasy of the city had sharpened into reality. The only moveable feast I'd found in Paris was of the fleshly variety - a constant supply of lithe, undulating bodies presented under glass, offering every view to the clientele." 

Now, a not-so-secret secret. Not a whole lot of money was invested into this Femme-tastic cover. The legs are mine! I’m not a pro model, but the price was certainly right. Both the photo image and the graphic design were done by people I know who did it because they are wonderful and kind. I love the cover, but I love the writing, too, which is, let’s admit, kind of an important part of a book. Warning, though. The content isn’t exactly Hallmark grade. A lot of the bits are thoroughly Rated-R. Dark, deranged, and devastating heroines who aren’t to be screwed with is the running theme. It’s my first venture into the indie publication world. I hope that you find it to your liking!
Next on the agenda, a project that I am just as excited about. I felt truly honored to be invited, along with a slew of other amazing authors, to write a short story for an anthology that is to be published with the profits going solely toward a local children’s charity in the UK. When I received the invitation from writer Darron Warrow (check out his Amazon page here), this struck me as a truly spectacular idea that I had never considered. I have always written for myself. I do it because it’s crazy fun, and I love seeing my work in print. I won’t lie … I lust after publication and getting my work read. It had never occurred to me that I might help do real good with my fiction. Entertain myself and others, perhaps, but charity work? With short fiction? Even better! The publication date is not set on this one yet, but we are working on getting it out by Christmas. The anthology will be titled “I am Not Frazzle! And Other Stories for Adults”. Profits benefit the Devizes Opportunity Centre:
This is a small, independent local charity with over 30 years of experience specializing in working to promote the overall development of very young children with disabilities and difficulties. I love this, because not only are people purchasing great works of fiction, they are also donating straight to this centre when they buy the book. I can’t wait until it comes out…more on that later! But please, go and like the Facebook page for the project!
Next, a great indie author I know has come out with a brilliant fantasy novel that I’ve recently purchased. Devon Winterson (aka badass talented editor Kimberly Grenfell) has recently released her fantasy novel, The Perfect Player.
A forbidden tryst exposes a threat and sets a secret plan in motion, and twenty-year-old Marisa discovers her life is all a lie. . . .
When Marisa of Mynae—sole heir of a benevolent leader, daughter of a shunned madwoman—stumbles upon a trail of demon hoofprints inside the borders of her father’s mystically protected dominion, she suspects evil lurks within the surrounding forestlands, lies in wait for the hapless Mynaen townspeople.
Yet even as their dominion is further secured against the threat of invasion by the demonic Bane, Marisa’s troubles worsen. A self-deciphering journal stolen from a hidden forestland glade begins to reveal her true life and hints toward a dangerous past mistake made by the long-dead creator of their world—a mistake Marisa learns she must rectify, or risk everyone’s lives to the demons’ strong addiction to human flesh and blood.
Even so, Marisa balks at this notion of a controlled destiny until an encounter in the woods tears asunder her closely held beliefs and plummets her headlong into the chaos of her fate. A lone demon stalks her, searches for her; he says he knows her scent.
And this, Marisa cannot ignore.

Now, I’ve been such a busy bee that I haven’t been able to get too far into this book yet, and it’s not typically my genre of choice. But I have to give this author a shout out, because she is an exceptional writer, the cover looks amazing, and the back-of-book blurb pulls me right in and makes me want to read. Definite recommendation for this one. And a review coming along for you as soon as I finish! Copies of the book can be purchased at the Imagination Ether Press website: IEP Storefront

And finally ... a coffee update.

I realize … I’ve been using this site mostly for talking about books, when there is all of this coffee goodness out and about to be discussed! I’ve recently taken to adding a crushed peppermint to my morning coffee routine. It’s not a secret—I’m not a “black coffee only!” elitist. I like peppermint mochas from Starbuck’s, and, even taster, white chocolate mochas from Awakenings—a local coffee, wine, and art cafĂ© here in Cincinnati. I love to write and do my homework there. But when I’m at home, I bust out some Folger’s, some peppermint mocha creamer, and a hammer. I crush an individually wrapped peppermint candy like it’s my job at 6am. GOOD MORNING! Mmmm. Tastes like Holidays!

 Tell me, do you prefer black coffee? Or do you like to get creative like I do?

 Drink favorfully this season!

(yes I made that word up just now.)



  1. Hey, Holly!
    I'm a mocha woman, myself. I do want to get one of those coffees with the whipping cream and sprinkles on top. I deserve it, darn it! I will get me one, if I ever get a chance to go to the local B&N...
    But, nice blog, hope to see you again soon!

  2. Just visiting. Haven't been here in a while. Good luck with your new publication.


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