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Sunday, September 29, 2013


This site has been sorely neglected to the point that this entry shall have chapters.


Independent Publishing happening right here. HURRAH!

One day, I was communicating with a couple of writers in an amazing online writing community that I’ve been a part of for years called Writer's Beat. One author and editor, Devon Winterson, was being particularly helpful in answering one of my thousand questions about starting up in the indie industry. At the time, she was putting out a collection of shorts through Goodreads. I was inspired and thought, why not?


I felt like I had just come up with some clever, sly way to cheat the system, but in reality it's actually very difficult and demanding work. Publish your shit. Go ahead! Just put a lot of effort into making sure your shit is not complete shit, if you get my drift. If you are toying with the idea of whether or not self-publishing is suitable for you, please go for it. I don’t knock traditional publishing. I rather admire it and hope to get to it at some point. But I consider this move to be a nudge. The professional experience in and of itself will be valuable. I’ve got a collection of four whimsically horrific tales, each featuring a heroine scorned in some way or another, taking matters of demented feminine justice into her own hands. I’ve just recently sent it to a pro editor (because I want it to be as un-shitty as possible), and am currently working on book cover design. While all this action is taking place, I realized it’s all happening simply because I decided to set it into motion. I’m in charge. I’m in charge of creative, publishing, promoting, and marketing. It comes out when I decide, priced at what I decide. It’s a lovely feeling, to see your creative baby coming to life and I highly recommend it. The collection, titled Sweet Violent Femmes will be available at a time not yet specified…but believe me, I will let you know. Excerpts coming soon!

I see indie publishing not as a watering down of quality literature, but simply another path to take with your work. Maybe it’s taking on a bit much at this point. I’ve opted to shave only every other day in order to save a few minutes here and there. And I’m so exhausted at night that my method of drying off after a bath is to lie down on the bed with the fan on. But small sacrifices (like keeping an organized home or, you know, looking presentable) have to be made. It's a balancing act to spend time with my son, finish my bachelor’s, gain editing experience from Writer's Beat Quarterly  and work full time. Maybe don’t do it like that. Or maybe do, because you're the boss. But if you do, do your research. One EXCELLENT way to start indie publishing is to buy/download works by self-published authors. You get to support an author and at the same time, learn what kind of work goes into an indie project. Here are a few recommendations!
by Robert Evert
by Devon Winterson
by Evan Bollinger
The Dead Should Stay Dead
by David Gilmore

Pretty Psychos to Americian Psycho
A Non-Recommendation
American Psycho by Bret Easton Ellis will make you sick to your stomach. You will laugh, then you will cringe, then you will put the book down, determining never to pick it up again.  Then, after a couple antacids, some more cringing, and some sleepy time tea (or, in keeping with the theme of the novel, perhaps a Xanax) you’ll want to go back to it. You’ll want to finish it, simply to prove to yourself that you can. At least, that’s how I went about it. Women groups came after this book in upon its release. But the character is not the author, is it? It’s a satirical horror who’s demented MC has a panic attack about his receding hairline in one chapter, and is eating a woman’s lips in the next. Ellis strings together one of the funniest and most conflicting time-for-the-condom scenes I’ve ever read. One chapter happens to be an entire run-on sentence where Patrick Bateman is so crazy that he suddenly slips into third-person narrative. At least two chapters are devoted to pop music reviews of Whitney Houston and Huey Lewis and the News (the latter of which I skipped half). I found myself asking things of Ellis. Who is this guy, and what is wrong with him? Did people really do that much coke back then? And finally, what width of suspenders is appropriate for formal attire versus business? This is one book where I prefer the movie—because they aren’t allowed to show these kinds of images on film. I’m not recommending American Psycho. I’m  just warning you about it. See if you can read it.  


Pretty Psychos to American Psycho to Psycho Killer—
Shameless Self-Promotion and Soliciting Indie Support in Just Three Moves.

I used to entertain the thought that I’d work on Broadway. I love singing and musicals. I love horror flicks as well, especially when they mix horror AND musicals. How can you go wrong with that? My personal favorite examples: Sweeney Todd, Nightmare Before Christmas, Corpse Bride, and Repo, the Genetic Opera.

 Well, I never made it big on Broadway, but I did use super theater skills to scream very loudly in Randy R. Faberts indie slasher, Psycho Killer. I’m happy to announce that the movie will soon (FINALLY) be available to purchase for download on Amazon. The date isn’t set yet, but it will be up within a two months. It’s a bid deal for us, and I’m so proud of the project. Randy’s next film will be gorier and far more badass, and it will also involve werewolves and dark humor. Autumn Moon is trying hard to raise funds in order to put on the finishing touches on some makeup FX before the opening shoot on October 18. You can donate to the indie film fund here, if you feel so inclined.
(Still of the actual wolf!)
They have already reached $165 and need a few hundred in order to create the kind of lycanthrope that completely bypasses cheesy CGI effects…it’s handcrafted and looking amazing so far. It’s a horrific project close to heart, so pop on by the FundRazr campaign to see what it’s all about!


Thanks readers! As I have gained more than a few followers, I can say "readers" in plural form now! Read hard! And support Indies hard!


  1. I'm interested to watch your sef-publishing journey! I'm in the process of going from small-press published to self-published with my second novel, and it's a learning experience!

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    1. Thanks, Alyssa, for stopping by and leaving a comment! Good luck with self-publishing your novel as well. Send me a link to something of yours I can read if you like!

  3. Many thanks, Holly, for the mention. :) Much appreciated!

  4. No problem, David! Thanks again for reading (:

  5. Terrance BramblettOctober 9, 2013 at 6:45 AM

    Good reading, Holly. Your interests and writing are eclectic. I am also a member of the Writers Beat forum. I cannot become a Follower because I am an introvert and have no social links. But I will certainly bookmark your blog and return again and again.


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