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Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Debut Novelist H.J. Harley--Review and Interview!

by: H.J. Harley

I’ve recently had the pleasure of connecting with fellow femme novelist H.J. Harley, who has just released her first book, Finding Jordie through Crimson Romance. I’m lucky enough to have gotten my hands on the work (before it was even released!) to give it a read and review.
Finding Jordie is a romantic thriller that was fun to read and kept me hooked. There are unexpected twists, and so much humor between the characters that I almost forgot I was reading suspense until, well, it got a little freaky.

 There is mystery and intrigue and all that, plus enough pop-culture references to make one stop and take stock of all the Saved By the Bell jokes stored in one's memories. Harley makes it work...and can back it up with original dialogue. 

The story has a strong opening, with our relentless heroin taking a sucker-punch to the jaw by a drunk hipster in skinny jeans. She jumps right up and lunges at him for round two. I love that Jordie is a girl that has zero BS tolerance, unafraid of getting her hands dirty. She is someone I can look up to, and a character that interests me.

 One poignant relationship in the novel is between Jordie and daughter Emma. As a mother myself, I see realistic depictions and conversations, and a good deal of laughter there, too.

Don't look to Finding Jordie for erotica. Though a hot, detailed sex scene certainly has it's time and place, Jordie is more about character and plot, and less about sex. There are enough turns to keep you guessing, but I won’t give any away. I will say, there’s an ending to gasp about, and I couldn’t be more pleased with this first time novelist’s voice.
H.J. Harley was kind enough to answer a few questions. So, without further ado, in my first Little Literary (a lotta Coffee) author interview EVER, here's a little bit more about Ms. Harley:



~Is Finding Jordie your first novel? Where there other attempts or projects that led up to it?

 This is my first novel. I’ve written mostly academic stuff, but Finding Jordie began as a side project for a friend and it turned out to be what it is today.

 ~The characters in Finding Jordie are fierce and witty and coated in realism. Whose brains did you pick in real life for character inspiration?
Rachel is a lot like my friend Asia. I don’t know where Jordie came from. So far everyone that knows me says they hear me in Jordie. I guess that’s because I made her up. The jury is still out on that one. Jordie’s sister Kelly and her family really is my family. She’s my cousin, but still. We grew up together. She may as well be my sister.

~I love the element of suspense in this novel. Do you like to read anything outside of this genre as a means of inspiration or enjoyment?
I don’t normally read romantic suspense…isn’t that strange? I like romance, anything that is a no brainer, just entertainment.

~What pushes you in your writing when you want to break down and throw your laptop (or preferred writing device) out of a fast-moving vehicle? 
Xanax and sleep. 
(Good answer).

 ~Any current projects you are working on?
The follow up to Finding Jordie. I’m also piecing together a YA in there somewhere. Life is sort of crazy for me right now.

 ~What was the hardest part in the Finding Jordie process?
Letting go and knowing that everything would work out for the best. I sort of like things done a certain way (the nice way to say I’m a control freak) so trusting this baby with someone else was hard.

 ~For those of us yet to conquer the goal of publishing the novel we are constantly messing with, throwing out, or letting fester away in an untouched file, what's your secret for perseverance? How do you get to "The End"?
I finished writing Finding Jordie Christmas Eve 2011. I remember closing my lap top and thinking, the hard part is done. Surprise! Writing was the easiest part of the whole process. The editing took me almost 4 months with the help of Salome over at Flourish Editing and then the querying. It can be discouraging, but it isn’t a line of BS when they say this business really is subjective. Just keep at it, your work will come across someone’s desk who’ll love it. Don’t get discouraged!

Finding Jordie is available online from Crimson Romance and is soon to be available in print! Get it HERE!

HJ enjoys reading, spending time with her family, really cheesy reality shows, romantic comedies and most importantly, being the best Mom possible to her daughter. Learn more about H.J. Harley at:


  1. It was nice to learn more about you, H.J. Best wishes with your lovely new book.
    -R.T. Wolfe

  2. Thanks for stopping by my site and reading the review, RT!


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