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Friday, January 25, 2013

Non-Traditional Gal

I have been hard at work on my current YA novel, and not so hard at work on the website. It was past due for some maintenance. There are a lot of newly discovered blogs on the blog list over there ß.

There are some amazing Literary fanatics out there, promoting their own works, works of others, writing tools, reader tools, articles, reviews, fun stuff, everything. As much as I love taking care of my website and writing every stinking thing that I think, I have been neglecting that poor blog list and I’m so glad I’ve been scouring. Astounding electronic literary world, indeed.

I’ve also added a Contact page, which I didn’t have, which I think is covered in blogging basics so…yeah.  Go Contact Me. Now! 

Speaking of the electronic literary worlds e.g. E-books, Kindle, online journals, the wide world of self e-pub and such) I keep it no secret that I prefer the paper method. I preferred bound, paper pages that smell like old library/new bookstore ten years ago and I still prefer it now. I don’t have a Kindle (though I have a Kindle app on my laptop that I use and I certainly would own one if money weren't an issue. Har.), and I do desperately yearn for my own works to see paper.  Especially the novel. I’m not sure we writers are allowed to say this, but I want my novel bound-up in pages, bathtub readable. It’s quite easy to take one’s Kindle into the bath tub, but I don’t think I would, as I would most likely drop it in the soapy water doing the Novel and Wine Glass Shuffle.

I certainly don't plan to turn my nose down at e-pub methods, and I’m excited to put them into action for my own novel. They are an amazing tool for the self-published, which I will be doing if no one picks up my book, which is a very likely thing…we will see when the time comes. I know if I do self-publish on Amazon or Smashwords or some other amazing site, I will also be looking into print on demand stuff. Of course, Simon Pulse or some other such publication is welcome to pick up that heavy lifting for me (:

So what can I say? Well I could say this:


The written is the written word, no matter which way you slice it. Now, in other non-traditional reading methods…I have to    recommend this amazing story:

The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society by Mary Ann Shaffer and Annie Barrows. I don’t think I would have picked up a copy of this at the bookstore…it’s not in my usual genre of interest. But I was browsing my library’s audio book collection and thought, as I always do, why not try it out in the car. Well…now I know. Maybe don’t try it out in the car because you will get so absorbed that you will completely drive past your house three times on your way home from work. This novel, which takes place in London and on a small island in the English Channel called Guernsey, is set in 1946, just after the war, and is told completely in letters.

I am so happy I found it. I have to say this was probably a better experience on CD, as each character had their own actor reading, and they did a brilliant job. I’ve turned off my fair share of audio books because of a bad reader. But these people’s voices did the writing such justice. And brilliant writing it was. There is love and loss and humor and sadness. And some scenes were so graphic I cried. There were a lot of things I wasn’t expecting as far as plot goes, and it's just an all-around worthy read. Or listen. Whichever.

Why not absorb more books any way you can? Like while driving, or sprinting on the treadmill? Let’s seize every opportunity.

You know, if time and money and practicality were no object, I’d love my YA novel to be read by a young Christian Slater for the male POV, maybe Kristin Stewart for the female. I don’t care what you say. I love her, and Twilight, and Twilight movies. I’m probably not supposed to say that either. Who say’s I can’t alternate between my Hemingway and teen vamp angst and cheesy movies? A girl likes what she likes. I know it’s the trend to hate certain things, but alas, trend setter/follower I am not. I should maybe focus on the finishing of the novel before I plan out the audio book, huh?



  1. Hello Holly! I was just flicking through some old blog entries (of mine) and found a comment you'd left and - horror of horrors - I hadn't acknowledged or replied to it. So sorry! I love an audio book (I listened to 'Before I Go to Sleep' after I had my baby and was spending hours pushing him around in the pram to get him to settle), I just wish they weren't so expensive! Your idea of borrowing them from libraries is a great one.

  2. Taylor,

    Geeze...about time I get your acknowledgement...lol. No, its really ok. Especially we mommies...believe me, I understand being busy and having way more on your plate than one can handle on any given day. Thanks for stopping by!

    I like to borrow from the library, and also, there are a few Half Price Books locations around where I live. If you haven't heard of that store, the name explains it all. A girl can go wild in there for used books, CDs, movies, audio books, RECORDS, even! Its amazing.

    Thanks again for the comment (:


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