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Thursday, November 22, 2012

Character Building.

Hope you have had a very happy and very literary Thanksgiving! Take a moment to count your blessings, whether plentiful or few and far between. Besides the obvious (My big and wonderful family and friends, my delightfully energetic son, Issiah), I am thankful for clever fiction, words, and Chuck Palahniuk's sick and twisted imagination. Also, I'm thankful for public libraries so that the poor, penniless writer can have lots of new reading materials for a family Thanksgiving road trip.

Now, on to this elusive novel of mine.
This post is partly about a girl named Cadence.

 She’s seventeen, witty, nerdy, not unattractive (in an invisible sort of way), equipped with a well of self-depreciating humor. She looks kind of like this:


Mixed with a little of this:



But, you know, less Hollywood.

Cadence wants to fall in love and experience sex, preferably at the same time. She’s impatient for it. The bigger and more important priority, however, is escaping her small town for New York City college life. No easy feat coming from a poverty-stricken family and a complete lack of enthusiasm for report cards. She's a wannabe playwright, and scholarship contest winning is a must for her dreams to come true.

Then there’s Felix. Imagine something like:
It's your basic, Christian Slater physical inspiration. I'm thinking of the dark, crazy hair, the humorous, sarcastic mannerisms. Let's throw in this picture of my boyfriend, just so we can get a real clear idea about the hair:

Felix loves make-up, and he’s totally straight. He’s smart as a whip, though he’s experiencing his last year of high school on repeat. He’s obsessed with monsters, particularly Frankenstein’s monster, along with the classic horror-Hollywood counterparts. Felix would like to live across the country to work in a make-up effects studio, but he's got to make it to graduation without murdering his father or touching a single drink.

So there is just a small snippet of what I call my "character inspiration". More to come, as soon as I kick my own ass and get myself really writing.

Have a happy Thanksgiving. Drink a ton of coffee (or Irish coffee!) with your pumpkin pie and read some inspiring fiction.

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