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Sunday, July 1, 2012

COMING SOON: "The Fragile"

One thing I want to share about myself as a writer / reader: I'm all over the place. Meaning, I'm eclectic in my literary endeavors. I want to write YA novels, literary short stories, both Chic and Mom lit, and a few tales of horror. I'm not really sure where my main focus will end up, but as of now, I'll snuggle in as an All-Over-the-Place kind of writer.

I have to think real hard about how long ago I attempted to collaborate with a friend on a vampire-centered short story. I was actually reading The Mammoth Book of Vampire Romance at the time, which holds over 25 stories from some amazing authors. And I was inspired.

I knew I wanted a story with a bit of romance, but nothing flowery. In other words, I wanted kick-ass action mixed with a little passion. So I collaborated with a dude.
Independent film-maker and script writer Randy Fabert and I wrote back and forth through email. He started a page, then sent it to me to add on. We kept at it back and forth like that. We discussed plot points and character traits. We argued about what would happen next. We spent hours on the phone debating a single sentence. It was wild fun. (And grounds for the spark of a commited relationship, as it turns out, tehehe).

We did it for pure amusement, because we both love to create characters and their stories. I didn’t expect it to be something that would get published. It was very long, and vampires are currently a bit on overkill at the moment. But I still love them. Even if they sparkle. (Ours don’t, by the way).

I didn’t think there would be a place for our freakin awesome near-novella, but over two years later, I’ve found one!!!

Dark Gothic Resurrected is a creepy horror magazine, available both for Kindle and in PRINT (yay for PRINT!) put together by Horror/romance author Cinsearae Santiago. Our story, “The Fragile” will appear in the next issue, due out later this month.

It’s a couple of firsts for me. Vampire publication, as well as working with another writer (extremely difficult for the creative type-A control freak).

I'm all a-buzz waiting impatiently to get that issue in my hands. Here's the link for past issues, if you're into that horrific sort of thing!

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