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Saturday, June 23, 2012

Scary Writing

First post. Weeeee!

If you've found yourself here by chance or becuase you meant to or because I've forced you through harassing link posts, thank you for checking it out! My very small list of published pieces are available with links, and I'm looking forward to making that list bigger.

My passion is to write. Once upon a time in junior high it was musical theater, but through much education and reading and many botched auditions I found my true love.

I want to read and write all day long. I want to sit at my desk with alternating mugs of coffee and tea doing my thing and everyone else can just sod off and leave me alone! (Everyone except my family, friends, potential readers or publishers of course). But everyone else, though...untalented drivers, loud Internet trollers at the public library, The Man. They can all sod off and let me work.

Things are getting creepy around here lately. Though my ultimate goal is to finish and publish my second YA novel, I keep taking breaks for other things. I've just finished a rather psychotic short, which I started for no other reason rather than I had a sick and twisted idea. I hope to get it out there. I have plenty of other short stories floating around, waiting to be accepted or declared "not fitting for this publication". Lately, I've been experiencing more rejection than a cheap male hooker at a sperm bank. Here's to turning it around!

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